In the midst of our busy lives and schedules, it’s important for us to make time to grow closer to God. God longs for us to be in relationship with Him because of His great love for us!

Below we have provided different text series that we can join to help us grow spiritually. There is a brief description and the key word to text in to join the series.

We can’t wait to hear your testimony of what God has done in your life through any of the series or through our services! If you want to share your story, text “story” to 833-637-1704. And if you ever need prayer, you can text “prayer” to the same number!

May God bless you as you journey with us!

New Believer / Re-Dedication Follow-up

The new believer’s salvation follow-up is a 21-day series that grows our unique relationship with God while being encouraged in three core areas: reading the Bible, praying, and being in community with other believers. You will receive a text just three times a week for three weeks.

To subscribe to this series text “Saved” to 833-637-1704

Knowing God Better Through The Gospel Of John

This series through the Gospel of John focuses on those paragraphs in John that are most helpful in for us to get to know Jesus better… His identity, interactions with others, teachings, miracles, death, and resurrection.

In the same chronological order, verses are written out with questions posed to help us notice what the verse is saying. Through it, we can build a valuable habit of reading Scripture properly and thoughtfully. Its impact is very personal. You will receive a text every other day for ten weeks.

To subscribe to this series text “KnowGod” to 833-637-1704

Skip the Stress

Many Christians feel a lot of pressure trying to be a good Christian. Trying to avoid sin. Trying to be faithful to pray, to read the Bible, to share Jesus with others, to help others, to be a godly witness. Trying to please God. It can be exhausting and discouraging.

The Bible is very clear about how to get out of this performance rut. This 7-part series will show from Scripture how God wants us to relate to Him and can change our relationship with God…making it steady and filled with joy. You will receive a text every other day for two weeks.

To subscribe to this series text “Stress” to 833-637-1704

God’s Heart – Evangelical Prayer Prompt Series

This series is based on an article and book written by Chuck Lawless, “How to Pray Evangelistically”. It is a 10-day series that guides prayer through the acronym GOD’S HEART:

God’s Grace


Decide to tell others

Speak the gospel

Receptive Heart

Opening Spiritual Eyes

God’s Attitude towards sin

Repentance & belief

Transformed lives


To subscribe to this series text “GodsHeart” to 833-637-1704